Quadra-Fire Adventure II, Woodburning, Freestanding Stove

The QuadraFire Adventure II may be the smartest wood stove you will ever use.


The Quadra-Fire Adventure II may be the smartest wood stove you will ever use. The beautifully designed, efficient Adventure II features Smart Burn Technology (SBT), which may reduce your heating bills by up to 50% and will definitely provide you with easily adjustable heat and unparalleled clean burn. Enjoy additional features including a programmable thermostat, which adjusts airflow automatically, and low fuel alerts. Simply load your stove, light it, and the rest is taken care of.

About the Manufacturer

Quadra-Fire has an award-winning performance streak that’s unrivalled in the industry. Their products are known for their stunning flame, wide range of BTUs, environmentally safe burn with lower emissions, and Four-Point Combustion System, which utilizes four stages to use up every available particle of material within the firebox.

Quadra-Fire embraces standard fuel options like wood, gas and electric, but they also have many biomass choices available. Pellets provide an eco-friendly flame, and give you that hands-on experience without getting your hands dirty. Reliable, durable and highly efficient, Quadra-Fire is pure performance.

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On Display At

Fergus Showroom



Log Length

up to 20 inches

Standard Features

Smart Burn Technology Programmable Thermostat

Approximate Dimensions

28.25 x 25.5 x 35.75
Please refer to the unit manual for exact framing dimensions.

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