Stûv 6-in

Stuv 6 was named for the distinctive shape of its inner workings, which came about when the designers sought to develop the most effective form for natural air circulation. Concealing the true complexity of the technology, the result is a shape we all recognize: the number 6.


Stûv 6  Heating Power Adapted to the Smallest Spaces  

The Stûv 6-in is a wood-burning insert designed to make it easy to install in small hearths, and suited to small spaces, while offering a generous view of the fire. It is perfect for masonry hearths and for wood-fire enthusiasts.

The Stûv 6 is available in three sizes:

  • 6-in 66 x 50
  • 6-in 76 x 55
  • 6-in 76 x 60

About the Manufacturer

At Stûv, we believe in the fascinating power of fire, which has us spending hours watching logs burn. Let yourself become inspired by our universe. Discover how our stoves and fireplaces can fit perfectly into your personal décor, and learn more about the fine art of fire control and how to care for a Stûv unit.

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